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Applications and SubmissionsSection Four

This section of the PDF website contains 4 downloadable Word documents.

Document Firstly, there is the Application Form (138kb). This is for the use of those seeking approval as a provider of units of Initial Teacher Training and Continuing Professional Development on the National Index of the Professional Development Forum.
DocumentSecondly, there is the Guidance Notes for Application Form (95kb) which provides guidance on becoming an approved provider, including assistance with completion of the application form.
DocumentThirdly, there is a CV template (58Kb) for approved providers of units/awards who wish to add new members of staff to their delivery teams. See the above guidance document for details of how to complete this template and where to send it once completed.
Document Fourthly, there is the Template for the Submission of Annual Reports (206Kb). This is for use by approved providers of ITT and CPD who have completed one full academic year's delivery. Annual Reports are due for submission during the month of September.

To view these files you will need MS-Word. A viewer is available by clicking the icon below.

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