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DocumentsSection Ten
1. PDAs - Standards for PDA Diagram
The professional standards consist of initial standards for underpinning Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes plus a suite of standards for the continuing professional development (CPD) of lecturers. The development of the standards into qualifications is shown in this document
(Word, 66Kb).
2. In June 2006, ETLLD published the new 'Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges'. This replaced the National Guidelines document (see below), published in 1997. To access a .pdf version of this document, please click on the image to the right.Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges
3. Between September and December 2004, a consultation was held on the question of 'The Need for a Professional Body for Staff in Scotland’s Colleges'. The Analysis of Responses to this consultation is available here (pdf, 720Kb).

Each year the PDF undertakes a review of the delivery of PDAs and PDUs by approved college providers. To help these colleges benchmark their performance, a slightly abridged version of the latest review report for 2007/08 is available here (Word, 295Kb).

5. A .pdf version of the 'National Guidelines on Provision Leading to the Teaching Qualification (Further Education) and Related Professional Development' is available to read by clicking on the image to the right. This document was superseded by the 'Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges' (see above).Click to view the document.

In 2003 the Enterprise, Transport, and Lifelong Learning Department of the Scottish Executive undertook a survey of satisfaction levels amongst lecturers studying for a teaching qualification in further education - TQ(FE) - during academic year 2001/02. The following report is the outcome of this survey. NB: For more general information on TQ(FE) provision, visit the TQ(FE) section of this website.

DocumentSurvey of Satisfaction Levels (.pdf format)

In March of 2003, the Department launched 'A Review of Occupational Standards and National Guidelines on Provision Leading to the Teaching Qualification in Further Education [TQ(FE)] and Related Professional Development'. After the consultation period ended, an 'Analysis of Responses' to the Review was produced.