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TQFESection Six

The Teaching Qualification (Further Education) - TQ(FE)

At present three higher education institutions are approved to deliver the full TQ(FE) - namely, the universities of Aberdeen, Dundee and Stirling.

By custom and practice, most lecturers in Scotland's Colleges undertake the TQ(FE) post-employment, sometimes following achievement of an Initial Teacher Training PDA delivered by an approved college (see Index of Units page).

It is a condition of approval that providers of TQ(FE) shall give credit transfer to all candidates who have gained the 'Advanced Diploma: Teaching in Further Education'. The amount and nature of the credit will vary depending on the university.

Because of its small size, there is no similar condition of approval on TQ(FE) providers to offer any credit transfer directly from the 'Advanced Diploma: Teaching in Further Education: An Introduction' to their TQ(FE) programmes. This mirrors the official arrangements already established regarding credit transfer from the Certificate ITFE and Advanced Certificate TFE.

TQ(FE) Providers

Links to the relevant sections of the three universities' websites are provided below, along with their respective 2008 programme content and credit transfer statements:

University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen Statement (Word)
Degree Route and Masters Route

University of Dundee

Dundee Statement (Word)
Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programme

University of Stirling

Stirling Statement (Word)
Postgraduate and Pre-service Strand

TQ(FE) Entry Requirements

The current entry requirements for TQ(FE), adhered to by the three universities, are available here via the following links: MS Word version and .PDF version.

These requirements are also reproduced in the 2006 publication 'Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges'. This publication additionally provides information to potential providers of TQ(FE) on what a TQ(FE) programme should contain and how such a programme should be administered.

Meeting the Entry Requirements for TQ (FE) - Supplementary Guidance for Colleges

The Professional Development Forum (PDF) discussed the fact that a minority of college lecturers would not automatically fulfil the entry requirements in respect of Core Skills in particular. This guidance (Word, 54Kb) makes some practical suggestions to colleges on the methods that they could use for assessing candidates to the level required in each of the three stated areas of competence.

Qualifications Equivalent to TQ(FE)

For the purpose of statistical returns only (eg the annual SFC staffing return), certain other teaching qualifications may be regarded by colleges as equivalent to a TQ(FE). The attached guidance note, (330Kb) which was issued to Scotland's colleges in November 2006, provides full details.

Approval to Deliver TQ(FE) Programmes

TQ(FE) programmes are approved by the Scottish Government, acting on behalf of Scottish Ministers, in consultation with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.