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What we doSection Two

Background and Functions of the PDF

The Professional Development Forum was established in 1998 following the publication of the National Guidelines (see Documents page) by the then Scottish Office. The aim of the Forum is to facilitate and enhance the training and continuing professional development of further education lecturers in Scotland through the approval of the provision of high quality units of initial teacher training and continuing professional development which meet the needs of the individual and the profession.

The main role of the Forum is:

Roleto oversee the arrangements for updating the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges.
Roleto approve, according to agreed criteria, applications from higher education institutions, further education colleges/consortia or other training providers to become 'approved providers' of units.
Roleto consider applications from 'approved providers' for individual units of Initial Teacher Training and Continuing Professional Development (ITT & CPD) units to be included in the National Index.

The PDF also has a strategic role in monitoring and promoting staff development activities, and acts as the main advisory group to the Scottish Executive on all matters pertaining to the professional learning of college lecturers in Scotland. Discussion is ongoing as to whether the PDF should also exercise an explicit role in relation to other college staff.

The institutions currently providing ITT & CPD units may be found by following the 'Index of Units' link to the right. Alternatively, follow the 'Documents' link for the latest (abridged) report of the 'Annual Review of Delivery of PDAs'.

This diagram below shows the framework within which initial teacher training and continuing professional development are delivered: